What is bipolar looks like

A Story from my new me…..

When you fight 24/7 for the perfection and idealization life.

When you love the land, the sea and the sky.

When you live the darkest luck and you smell the curse everyday but you become more strong spirit and believe in God more and more and repeat” i know i have beed selected” ,”i am unique “

When you let any curse go with a wide smile.

When you believe in peace,beauty and rights for everyone as strong as your believe in the differentiation

When you cry when you hug a horse or a dog or a cat and feel the same warm you feel when you hug a wild wolf,snake or a wild bug.

While you are so aggressive with any person you do not like their energy.

When you feel happy because you make the others happy.

When you feel the energy flow around everything.

When you fight as solider and think as a philosopher and love as a spirit.

While you live a very painful abusive life 24/7 for years and still believe that

love hurts sometimes.


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