How to understand , accept and Love your self

Make sure you practice this exercise for at least a few minutes every day. Here are some tips that can help you ground into this practice:

  • Have a special, beautiful, notebookin which you write down the Mirror Exercise.
  • Set time in your schedule to do this practice and commit to it!
  • Create the perfect space for you to practice this exercise: make sure it is clean and pleasant for you. You can decorate it with a scented candle or incense that you can light when you are doing the exercise, flowers, and plants- whatever brings you joy and happiness.
  • Eliminate all distractions. Leave your phone in another room, turn off the TV, and allow yourself to have privacy in these moments where you are focusing only on loving yourself.
  • Be honest and vulnerable. It is just you and your notebook. Nothing can harm you. Whatever you feel the need to express, you can do it freely and openly.

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