What is Stress

The word “stress” comes from the Latin word “Stringere”, meaning to “draw tight”.

Our body responds to stress as a survival instinct which comes in handy when you are being chased by a bear but not so much when you have 12 things to do in an hour!

Being Chased by a Bear
Image Source: https://www.nosweatshakespeare.com/blog/exit-pursued-bear/opens in new window.

Stress may be a reality in our everyday lives but we can deal with it effectively by looking at what our stressors are and using healthy coping mechanisms to reduce their effects on our health and well-being.

What stresses you out?

What triggers stress in you? Does your office mate drive you crazy? Do you have trouble saying no to more work assignments or social requests? Do you judge yourself against other’s competence?

What are your stress signals?

Often there are physical or psychological symptoms in our bodies that signal our stress levels are on the rise.  Do you find yourself having low tolerance; suffer from headaches, stomach aches or fatigue? These signals can be red flags for stress.

How do you deal with stress?

Do you reach for a box of chocolate or big bag of chips? Do you pour yourself another glass of wine? Do you take a walk or a hot bath? We all deal with stress differently. Some coping mechanisms are healthy and others further stress and damage our bodies. It is important to look at how and why we react the way we do and try new options for coping and de-stressing.

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