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How to know your aura color?

The article:

Colorize electromagnetic fields with aura photography.

Explore the history of aura photography, and learn how to create and decipher the dreamy, wispy colors of aura portraits yourself.

Aura photo of a person
Aura photo of a person

Understand the aura colors.

Take a look at these general color meanings. Depending on which aura photographer you ask, they may interpret the colors differently.

  • Red: Passionate, self-aware, strong, willful, vital, and courageous
  • Pink: Loving, caring, self-aware, generous, and cheerful
  • Magenta: Heart-centered, motivated, grounded, and inspiring; a blend of pink and red auras
  • Orange: Ambitious, spontaneous, creative, confident, adventurous, and social
  • Yellow: Optimistic, joyful, confident, enthusiastic, generous, and whimsical
  • Green: Loving, compassionate, peace-oriented, nurturing, and connected to nature and people
  • Blue: Expressive, empathic, supportive, intuitive, loyal, trusting, and sensitive
  • Purple: Intuitive, playful, visionary, nonjudgmental, unconventional, and inspired
  • White: Inspiring, wise, energized, positive, and protective

By مجرد لمبة

الفكره زي اللمبه أول ماتولعها ياأما تنور المكان ياأما تكون محروقه ومتولعش ياأما تنور للحظه وتطفي ....كلنا عندنا أفكار كتيره أو قليلة بس موجوده ومصيرها مرهون بالظروف ....زي اللمبه ....مجرد لمبة

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