How to know your aura color?

The article:

Colorize electromagnetic fields with aura photography.

Explore the history of aura photography, and learn how to create and decipher the dreamy, wispy colors of aura portraits yourself.

Aura photo of a person
Aura photo of a person

Understand the aura colors.

Take a look at these general color meanings. Depending on which aura photographer you ask, they may interpret the colors differently.

  • Red: Passionate, self-aware, strong, willful, vital, and courageous
  • Pink: Loving, caring, self-aware, generous, and cheerful
  • Magenta: Heart-centered, motivated, grounded, and inspiring; a blend of pink and red auras
  • Orange: Ambitious, spontaneous, creative, confident, adventurous, and social
  • Yellow: Optimistic, joyful, confident, enthusiastic, generous, and whimsical
  • Green: Loving, compassionate, peace-oriented, nurturing, and connected to nature and people
  • Blue: Expressive, empathic, supportive, intuitive, loyal, trusting, and sensitive
  • Purple: Intuitive, playful, visionary, nonjudgmental, unconventional, and inspired
  • White: Inspiring, wise, energized, positive, and protective

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