It certainly does not happen overnight. It takes practice and commitment but it is attainable.

  • One Month – If you commit to 30 days of practice, you can train yourself to adopt this as part of your daily routine.
  • Every Day – A daily practice helps a habit stick.
  • Make it Simple – The beauty of these Mindful Minutes is that they don’t take a huge amount of time. Change that is incremental is easier to attain.
  • Remind Yourself – Set an alarm on your phone or watch, write it into your day planner, or put it on a sticky note on your computer to remind you to do your practice.
  • Consistency – Try to keep a schedule for your practice by doing it at the same time everyday.
  • Find a buddy – Practice pals can keep each other motivated.
  • Practice Patience & Kindness – We all forget, miss a day or life simply gets in the way. Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to get back on track.
  • Do it for yourself – Think of it as a well-deserved break not as another thing you have to do.
Habit Forming Image

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